Can Vegetarians Sustain Intense Workouts?

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Vegans can get a bad rap sometimes. I don’t know why that is, maybe because it seems weak to some? I do not think that is the case at all and I think some of the healthiest people on the planet are vegetarians.  The one thing I always here is you can’t be a vegetarian and a competitive or elite athlete and I find this further from the truth.  Awhile back we did a post on Shakeology which you can read here .  You can see the drink is loaded full of all the best nutrients and vitamins any athlete could ever need. So you can see this shake gives you your nutrients most people will complain about not getting enough protein.

Now if your goal is to be a hulking body builder then sure a vegan diet is not going to work for you. Those guys are consuming upwards of 600 grams of protein a day which I think is a bit crazy to begin with.  Most people are looking to stay in shape and eat healthy. For the most part vegans eat healthy, but many do not workout.  We have been looking at workouts and one that has caught our attention is the Insanity Workout.  Chris from the Shake Review site has given an in depth review if insanity here for you to take a look at. He is not a vegan, but will be trying a vegan diet in the beginning of 2013. He has known many athletes and even MMA fighters that are on Vegan diets and are in great shape.  Chris states that with the Insanity workout you are given 60 days to finish the workout and you will be in the best shape of your life. Take it easy and get through the first two weeks and you will be fine.

Being a vegetarian is a rewarding experience and something I think everyone should try at least once. The reason there are negative reviews about being a vegan still astonish me. If you are a vegan and have thought you do not have what it takes to do an intense workout like insanity does not be afraid. Give it a shot and you will be surprised of how quickly you get in the best shape of your life.

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