Candid Vivek Oberoi

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The gorgeous Vivek Oberoi has been in the limelight for some time now due to his forthcoming movie Prince which stars 3 beautiful ladies, all of which he shares kissing scenes with. His kiss with Bollywood debutante Aruna Shields is rumoured to have taken as many as 18 takes to perfect!

With so much female attention on and off-screen it’s hard to imagine why the hunk is still single, “I’m waiting for the right girl… I want a girl like my mother,” Vivek reveals. The actor recently played an April Fool’s joke on Twitter with the tweet “Thanks to Prince, I found my princess… so happy!” It is thought that what followed was a barrage of replies to him from disappointed and heart-broken fans. He later tweeted to admit the joke, saying that reading all the panicked replies were worth playing the joke.

The Indian Premier League is currently taking the world by storm. Talking about the IPL, Vivek explains his dilemma when choosing a team to support, “…Of the eight teams that are playing, I have a direct connection with five. But the basic truth is, if cricket is religion, then Sachin is God. So, when Sachin plays, no other team matters!” Vivek, earlier this month, revealed to reporters that he does not think that the release of Prince would be affected by the popularity of the IPL.

Vivek recently visited Chennai n the promotion trail for the much-awaited Prince, set for release on 9 April. The place brings back many childhood memories for the actor, moreso because it’s where his beloved mother is from, “I used to play with my cousins here a lot. We used to go watch Tamil movies in the theatres…”

When asked the about what the raaz is behind his to-die-for smile, Vivek says, “I’m single that’s why I’m smiling…” Surely that is the kind of revelation all his fans were hoping for. Keep Smiling Vivek!

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