Cannes audience impressed with Jodha Akbar promos

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Jodha Akbar staring Aishwarya Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan wowed film festival participants at the premiere of the trailer that was made especially for Cannes. “Splendid visuals”, said one film trade insider.

The promos of Ashutosh Govarikar’s Jodha Akbar, show Roshan fighting with an elephant, according to a report from Cannes. It was such a big hit with audiences that buyers from all over the world including Germany, France and South Africa to name a few have shown great interest in the film.

With the cast of Aishwarya and Hrithik, whose jodi you could literally feel come off the screen while watching Dhoom 2 and the massive scope of the story and film, this historical epic film is one of the most eagerly anticipated films of 2007. We cannot wait to see that trailer and for the film to reach the Cineplex!

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