Cannes Day 3 – Cafes, Premieres and a Sneak Peek!

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Day three and I am in the Marché. Cannes has kicked in and I, director and the man exploring the movies of all cinemas, Shawn Arranha needs a drink.

I am wandering around the Marche and catching all the sights and the byways filled with everything you can think or and some you can’t. It is cool and we are so in the mind and the mood of what Cannes and the outer extreme Cannes can bring! Of course, we stop at a cafe because that is what you do in France and what do we see on TV, reports on Cannes.

Here is what happened on Day 3!

The red carpet today saw the premiere of Sleeping Beauty which stars Emily Browning, Michael Dorman, and Mirrah Foulkes.

Written and directed by newcomer Julia Leigh ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is about Lucy, a young University student who, to earn extra money for her tuition fees, is drawn into a mysterious hidden world of beauty and desire.

On hand for the film’s premiere were director Julia Leigh, Emily Browning, producer Jessica Brentnall and Rachael Blake. Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen also attended, as did Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson.

Also making its Cannes debut is the much talked about We Need To Talk About Kevin, which went down very well after it’s early morning press screening, and the day ended with the film’s premiere.

Tilda Swinton has been universally praised for her performance and there are already whispers of her picking up this year’s award for best actress. She joined the cast, including John C. Reilly and Ezra Miller, at the Palais des Festivals for their premiere.

The American Ezra Miller (18 years) promises to be one of the revelations of the festival. His interpretation of the adolescent and brutal murderer of We Need to Talk About Kevin, has impressed the audience at Cannes … Like his ease on the red carpet!

You know what, I am loving the Cannes! Getting to see lots of movies and culture :)))))))))) also sneek peaks ;)))))))))

Speaking of sneak peeks and I know you will all be jealous but I got to see the first look at the trailer into the upcoming Don 2! Forgive me but it was F*%$#ing MINDBLOWING !!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Very Very Big! Farhan is back and so is Don!

That’s it for me today! I am off to go see more and will bring you more exclusively at!

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