Cat-Fight 2: Rakhi Turns on Kashmira

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She’s never exactly been one to turn the other cheek, and isn’t that why we love her? Rakhi Sawant has rapidly responded to the recent attack from Kashmira Shah who has said, “I’d like to be known as an actor who can dance, unlike Rakhi who is a trying to be an actor from a dancer. I love to hate her and I hate to love her.”

Coming out fighting, Rakhi has said, “Whether she loves me or hates me, she has made me famous by playing my role.” Kashmira, of course, plays an item girl called Rakhi in the musical City of Dreams, although she denies that she was playing Rakhi Sawant in the part. Rakhi, who recently won the reality dance contest ‘Yeh Hai Jalwa’, went on to say, “Kashmira definitely played Rakhi Sawant’s role in that play. It was entirely based on me.”

When asked if she would be prepared to play a role based on Kashmira, Rakhi said, “No, never! I would never play any such role. Kashmira is such a girl that you befriend her and then she would backstab you. She never says anything positive. I associate only negativity with her.”

Rakhi can currently be seen in Krazzy 4 and Kashmira is probably best known internationally for her role in My Bollywood Bride.

An interesting debate between two of the most headline-grabbing celebrities in Bollywood – but is it time now for the girls to kiss and make up?

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