Catfight – Before The Film Has Even Begun!

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Rising stars Jennifer and Swapna Tiwari came to blows at the launch party and press conference for horror movie The Lucky 13 when Jennifer appeared to object to Swapna flirting with co-star Sunny and exhaling smoke in her direction. “The actresses didn’t look each other in the eye during the entire press conference,“ said a source for the movie, “Jennifer didn’t take kindly to Swapna’s laughing and flirting with her male co-star Sunny and before one could say ‘peace’ a high-voltage catfight was underway. Abuses were exchanged with cuss words flying all over the place. Finally an irritated Jennifer flung her glass at Swapna Tiwari who sustained a cut on her hand. At this stage the production people and co-stars intervened and had to physically separate the warring artistes, packing them off into their cars.”

The whole sorry episode can be seen here on YouTube:

The film is a teen slasher pick, one of those that college lecturers adore where a group of college kids are trapped on a mysterious island and die horrible deaths one by one. The twist in this movie is that the kids are forced to kill each other as only one will be allowed to leave alive. The director hopes it will sell both in India and internationally. “While the film is pregnant with gore, brutality and grime, we will adhere to basic levels of decency and also ensure that it’s within the parameters acceptable to the Indian Censor Board,” he said. Claudia Ciesla, currently gaining relevant experience in the Bigg Boss House is also likely to be involved.

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