Celebs Encourage India to Vote!

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India is on its way to election season and Bollywood are telling fellow Indians: VOTE INDIA VOTE! The Hindi fraternity has come out in full force encouraging the youth and otherwise, to exercise their right to choose their government. Check out to see what the stars had to say about voting in 2009.

Preity Zinta: “I think we need to vote even more carefully. We must put proper people in places of power. I don’t think we should vote for anyone who has got criminal records. See their track records and then vote.”

Sonam Kapoor: “I want to vote because if I won’t vote then I don’t count. I want to vote because it’s my right. No vote, no say.”

Aamir Khan: “Our vote is very crucial. And, everybody should use it in the right way. First of all, we should have knowledge about all the candidates who are contesting from our constituency. More often we do not even bother to have knowledge about the candidates. We do not even have the knowledge about the number of candidates contesting and their educational background.”

Asin: “I think voting is our right and plus it’s our duty. It’s our responsibility to choose the right leader. I think in every system we need to make our choices.”

John Abraham: “I am very scared of politicians generally because we have grown up being scared of them. It’s like Sholay’s Gabbar Singh will come and take you away. So it’s like this with politicians.”

Dia Mirza: “We, as celebrities, have a great influence on the youth, so we must try and use it positively. We are the society and I believe that if we want to change anything about it, than instead of talking, we should try and be that change. Even a small step collectively goes a long way.”

Sameera Reddy: “People will vote for film stars only if they are able to connect with them. It doesn’t depend on how big the star is. Once elected, stars have a responsibility to bring about the change people want.”

Clearly, the consensus is clear: VOTE INDIA VOTE!

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