Celebs Tweet ahead of, during and after Paa premiere

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If there was a Trending Topic for Bollywood-related tweets, it would be #Paa! Celebs were tweeting about the movie ahead of its premiere, during the event and many after it.

“Argh!!!! What to wear? Indian or western???? Come on guys, HELP!!!!” tweeted Abhishek Bachchan on Thursday afternoon.

Just a few hours before, he tweeted, “Press done with. Its now home to a pooja (prayer) which we do before our releases.”

Tweets wishing the star all the best for the premiere poured in from other Bollywood celebs also on Twitter.

Ayesha Takia, who was very excited about the premiere sent her good luck tweet saying, “Lookin forward to watchin PAA tonite!! I’m sure it will b amazing!!gudluck to the bachchan family and vidya!!”

On his way to the premiere, Tarun Mansukhani tweeted, “Am sure he’s going to rock… Its in his genes… Ain’t it!!” as he referrered to Abhishek Bachchan who stars in film alongside is father and Vidya Balan.

Karan Johar expressed his excitement by saying, “off to see PAA later tonight!! super excited and dying to see it!!!”

Stars who couldn’t make it didn’t fail to wish the cast and crew the best of luck.

Uday Chopra tweeted, “Not going to be able to make it for the Premiere of Paa tonight…but wish the entire unit all the best…I know it’s going to be special!!!”

Preity Zinta sent a message to Abhishek saying, “”Sorry AB but i am in Delhi for an event so will miss the premier 🙁 I am sure PA will be a big hit ! 🙂 muaah ! love p.”

One would think that stars would be mingling with the glitterati of Bollywood during interval, not so? Well our Bollywood Twitterers didn’t fail to neglect their fans across the globe and kept everyone in the loop about the film.

During interval, Abhishek himself tweeted, “Interval just got over. Great reactions so far. Let’s hope they feel the same after the next half!!!!”

In a tweet, Rohan Sippy commended the cast – Abhishek Bachchan, Vidya Balan and the Big B by saying their performance is “outstanding” and said the film was “great so far and very fresh!”

However it was after the glitzy red carpet premiere that the real praise started flooding Twitter.

Ayesha Takia said the film was “AMAZING” and spoke of “Amitji” as “phenomenal” saying that his character in the film, “Auro rocks!!!!!”

“amitabh bachchan is just pure genius!!! paa ia all soul….all heart…way to go @juniorbachchan!!! superb!!!!” is what Karan Johar tweeted, while Riteish Deshmukh said, “Auro auro auro auro auro..@juniorbachchan rocks, Vidya gives a super n mature performance and the new kid on the block AURO steals ur heart.”

Ken Ghosh gushed about the film saying, “Auro auro auro auro auro..@juniorbachchan rocks, Vidya gives a super n mature performance and the new kid on the block AURO steals ur heart.”

Rohan Sippy said, “Congrats to balki and all his team for making Paa, a film that oozes heart & soul, with tons of wit!”

Usually quite chatty on Twitter, Abhishek sent out Tweets after the premiere saying that he was overwhelmed by the response and that he “Can’t say much now…” and then bid Twitterville “Good night!”

However, within minutes, a next Tweet appeared saying that he couldn’t sleep and that he couldn’t express or share what he was feeling. “All I can say is THANK YOU! For all your wishes…”

That was followed by “…It means the world to me and the family. I hope we don’t let you down.”

Just minutes later, “Still can’t sleep!!! Thank you thank you thank you. The support and belief you’ll have bestowed on us will never be forgtten.”

The following morning, people were still on a ‘Paa high’ and Ken Ghosh sent a Tweet to Bachchan Junior saying that he woke up with images of Auroa “…and the film still floating in my mind. You guys have made a fantastic fantastic film.”

At the time of writing this, Abhishek’s latest tweet was, “So, the SON rises!!!!”

Words, or Tweets, could not ring more true for this super star.

Paa has been directed by R Balki and releases worldwide on December 4.

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