Celina Jaitley Denied Entry to Father’s Pub

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Celina Jaitley, recently in Bangkok shooting for Paying Guest, was denied entry to her own father’s pub when she hopped over for a visit wearing a schoolgirl’s outfit. The security guards didn’t recognise her and thought she was just an underage drinker. “In the first place, it was quite funny to be dressed in a tight white shirt, red and black short skirt, hair band, white socks and black shoes,” she laughs, “And then this incident happened where I was denied entry in my own pub. It was as funny as it could have got.” Celina had just come from a shoot with co-stars Neha Dhupia, Riya Sen and Sayali Bhagat – an item number that required them to dress up as schoolgirls. The film also stars Shreyas Talpade who must be feeling under a lot of pressure right now.

Celina managed to attract her father’s attention through the window where he was having a meeting with some business associates – but it seems he was not impressed by her appearance. “Imagine his shock at seeing his girl dressed up like this,” Celina explains, “He was in a meeting with his business associates and they all had a collective expression of disbelief on their faces. My dad just came out, spoke to me for a while, lent me some money for shopping and went back in. He was sure he didn’t want a girl who may not have been underage but definitely looked underage get into his pub. For him, rules are rules.”

Celina recently performed in an action show with Neil Nitin Mukesh for the wedding of developer Kanti Govani. It involved stunt directors and special effects coordinators from all over the world and saw Celina pointing a gun at a series of cars containing dynamite – as she pulled the trigger, the cars exploded on stage. “I had to arrive on a bike which was being driven by a professional stuntman,” she says, “He just made it jump so high and my heart was almost in my mouth. Add it to all the fire around me. The good part though is that even when I was scared, the audiences thoroughly enjoyed the show.”

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