Celina Jaitley Lodges Complaint

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Illustrating some of the trials and tribulations that face Bollywood stars, Celina Jaitley has lodged a complaint with the police against two websites that have taken her image and morphed it to promote products of their own in an unsightly manner. “It’s unfortunate that this is a price one has to pay for stardom,” she says, “I will make sure that people who have harmed my dignity will be prosecuted and I am sure Your browser may not support display of this image.the police will ensure that this happens.”

Celina has recently been talking about her desire to champion gay rights. She has known a number of gay people over the years and has seen how they can suffer from abuse and lack of understanding – and she has also benefited from their love and friendship. Recently, on her way to Feroz Khan’s funeral, she was feeling very low. “My gay friend, who knew exactly how I would be feeling, flew down to Bangalore, without letting me know, met me at the airport to accompany me and gave me strength,” she explains, “For me, gay rights are about human rights. And, I don’t care if people call me gay!”

Celina is next up in the portmanteau comedy Paying Guest with a host of actors such as Shreyas Talpade, Sayali Bhagat, Riya Sen and Neha Dhupia. With so many women sharing screentime was there any friction? “I don’t know why people think that actresses are incapable of getting along with each other,” Celina replies, “We all came to work, so why would we fight? In fact, we enjoyed ourselves. Dressing up in school uniforms and dancing in the streets of Bangkok – it was fun!”

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