Celina Jaitley’s Accident on Hill Road

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The bollywood beauty Celina Jaitley is gearing up for one of her most awaited flicks Accident on Hill Road directed by Mahesh Nair. The movie is expected to hit the screens on the 31st of December. There are many things that she wants to say about the film and there is absolutely no way she could hold her words to herself, even on the issue of sexuality.

In a recent promotional event for her movie on a satellite channel, she went to the extent of declaring that she will be calling herself a virgin until the day she gets married. She justified her remark by saying that people are hypocritical and so is she, insisting that others actor would say the same.

Tackling the subject of sexuality in Indian context, she said that sex hasn’t changed a bit and it was the same during the day of Kamasutra. She also mentioned that the people tackle this issue quite diplomatically.

Accident on Hill Road is inspired by true incidents that take place on Mumbai roads. Celina Jaitley plays the lead character of Sonam Chopra and she claims the role was challenging for two reasons. First, she had to share the screen with the veteran actor Farooque Shaikh. Second, she had to binge on food for 35 days because the director required her to look as close as possible to a normal young woman next door.

At first Celina was apprehensive about sharing screen with the veteran actor and theatre personality Farooque Shaikh. Eventually, however, she was made comfortable on sets by the actor, adding her to the list of people who just cannot stop raving about Farooque Shaikh.

Apparently Celina is really delighted with her character in the film because she didn’t have to work out at all and she could eat delicacies like Biryani throughout. She admits that it was a different thing altogether – playing a normal looking girl without a hint of glamour, and for a change she was allowed to eat whatever she could.

Accident on Hill Road is believed to bring out the lesser known side of Celina and cater the performer in her to the audience. Those who have had a dekko are full of encouraging words for the movie hence making it all the more special to Celina. It also stars Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh in a principal role.

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