Chak De India World Premiere with 2,000 fans

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At the world premiere of the Shah Rukh Khan starrer Chak De India, fans came out in droves, infact 2,000 of them. The premiere was held at the Somerset House, an open-air theater in London. The premiere was a highlight of the ‘IndiaNow’ season which is a 3 month long celebration of “London’s growing relationship with India and exploration of India’s culture and contribution to London life.”

SRK was there of course, and said that the movie is a little irregular for Bollywood standards but “It has a noble thought. It is important to talk about team spirit, women and their role in the world.”

Adding, “This is a film about sports. There had been films on sports like Lagaan and others. I always wanted to do a film on sports, particularly on field and women hockey, much neglected in cinema. I play the coach. I have 16 girls around me playing hockey. It has no songs but only sporting capabilities. The film has no romance and no villain. Winning or losing is not all that important. What is important is participation in sports. This film teaches sportsmen and women to be positive and aggressive.”

All of the women who were part of the team in the film were not trained actors. Shah Rukh said, “They are young women and women as such are the most hard working species. They have given their best shot in the film. And this film is dedicated to women of the world.”

The film entranced the viewers and along with SRK was cheered by the audience! The mayor of London said, “It is a great honour for London to host this launch event for a film, which, like so many Bollywood blockbusters, touches the hearts and minds of millions across the world.”

SRK added that the fans of London are always so supportive, “I am humbled by the reception I get here.”

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