Chakravuyh team meets London Media

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BollySpice were invited to sneak a preview of Prakash Jha’s upcoming Chakravyuh – A war you cannot escape, with director Prakash Jha and actors Arjun Rampal and Abhay Deol, neither of whom had seen the film yet. Like with all Prakash Jha’s films, Chakravyuh also has a strong social message and covers an important social issue, that of the naxalite movement in India.

With such a contemporary topic, we were treated to the background and context of the whole movement and how the story of the film was shaped. We share with you some of the highlights, do make sure you catch our exclusive video with Prakash, Arjun and Abhay.

Prakash Jha explained the logic behind his filmmaking, sharing that “Cinema is secondary, for me the content is primary. I want to keep my narrative simple. I want to reach out and I want to tell my story to children. That is how I want my cinema to be.”

Arjun Rampal was certainly excited ahead of the London world premiere of Chakravyuh, he shared “This is the first time I have called a lot of different people to come and watch this movie, who think they will be coming to watch a typical Bollywood film and I am sure they will get really surprised when they see it.”

Abhay Deol has also put a lot of research and thought into the film “There are quite a few issues in India today and this film shows just one of them. I’m not aware if there have ever been any films on the naxal movement itself. What Prakash Jha has extremely intelligently done, through mine and Arjun Rampal’s characters, is given two distinct views on the issue.”

To find out more about the film, watch our exclusive sneak preview and watch this space for the review, coming very soon…





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