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Produced by Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao and Ronnie Screwvala, Delhi Belly has been dubbed a “kamina comedy” and a film which breaks out of the Bollywood mould. With the promos and the songs making this movie heavily anticipated by audiences and industry folk a like, could it be that Aamir Khan’s Midas Touch has a winner on it’s hands again? Could it be that Imran Khan, arguably the biggest star in the movie, is enough to bring the masses to the cinema to watch the film?

It would be impossible to watch a trailer of Delhi Belly without recognizing the new and not-so-familiar faces which are all set to be part and parcel of this alternatively appealing film. We would like to introduce you to the actors and actresses who, if early indications are to be believed, should go on to be household names after the film’s release.

Kunaal Roy Kapur

An actor originating from theatre, Kapur is possibly most appreciated for his directorial work in “The President is Coming”. Aside from that, the actor has always been working on stage and this will be his first big-banner film as an actor. Kapur shares his thoughts about working with Aamir Khan Productions, “Aamir has put together a wonderful company…The environment is such that the company make me want to be the best I can be”.

Talking about his character in the movie, Nitin Malhotra, Kapur reveals, “He has a warped world view, much like myself. He is always looking for easy solutions to tough situations and has probably never had a girlfriend”.

Vir Das

A name most associated with the comedy genre, Das was last seen in Parmeet Sethi’s Badmaash Company. He is well-known for his stand-up acts and was also a scriptwriter for the Filmfare Awards in 2010. When asked whether he has caught the Bollywood bug, Das says, “I think as this point I’m bugging Bollywood because everyone seems to wonder how I got here. Maybe they wish I would bugger off but I like it where I am”.

Das also spoke about how he wants his comedy to be very different from his cinema, “I like my films and my stand-up to be completely different. Delhi Belly is a crazy situational comedy whereas my stand up is angry lines and rants. While the audience is the same, who they see on stage and screen should be very very different”.

Das’ favourite song in the movie is his solo number, “Jaa Chudail”.

Shenaz Treasury

From being an MTV VJ and acting in TV commercials, this actress was first seen in Ken Ghosh’s Ishq Vishk with Shahid Kapoor. Her roles have been few and far between in Bollywood, and she describes her struggle, “The time in between was not so good. There were years of nothingness and frustration”.

The actress is currently residing in New York and a regular in the show, “One Life to Live”. Treasury revealed that she initially auditioned for Dhobi Ghat after being spotted walking down Pali Hill in Bandra. Eventually, the role on Delhi Belly’s Sonia was given to her.

Treasury tries to hide her excitement about Delhi Belly, “I try not to get too excited… in reality I curtail my enthusiasm. I’m freakin’ exhilarated and think the movie will be the next big thing ssshhhh” (laughs).

So you see it seems not only Imran Khan is set to shine in this particular movie. All of the above are also stars in their own right and very well accustomed to acting in various capacities. Perhaps they will be Delhi Belly‘s unique selling point, aside from the “kamina” label? Well, what are you waiting for? The film releases worldwide on 1 July at a cinema near you!

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