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Starring Anupam Kher, Tena Desae, Pawan Malhotra, Rushad Rana, and Suhasini Mulay, Yeh Faasley is a thriller drama set to hit theaters on March 4th!

The story:
The daughter of one of the biggest builders in town, Devinder Dua, Arunima is happy to be home after finishing her studies.

Life is great for Arunima who is looking forward to a pleasant time with her father but also misses her mother and wishes that she were alive. She finds contentment in the fact that her mother and father loved each other and were happy for as long as they were together.

Dev Dua is a gregarious man who loves his daughter a lot but has a dual personality of being – loud and boastful sometimes and kind and understanding at another time.

However, one day to her surprise, Arunima finds a “will” written by her mother which makes her question why a woman who died at an early age of 28 in a car accident would leave a will for her daughter. The presence and the essence of the will intrigues Arunima and with her father avoiding all questions to do with her mother, further frustrates her. She slowly realizes that her mother’s personality was quite different from what she has been told and the past wasn’t as happy as she imagined it to be.

With questions unanswered and suspicions raised, Arunima is left in doubt about what really is the past. Arunima is at a loss, as she learn that the man she loves the most, her father, has many shades that she was unaware of.

Arunima is torn between love for her father and the truth. The man she loves the most is the man she mistrusts. She is living in a shadow of too many secrets…

Hence, Arunima sets out on a journey to find the truth about her mothers and fathers past.
Will this search for truth make the bond between the father and daughter stronger?


Will it take her to reveal a sinister figure behind the fa

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