Cheeni Kum

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Cheeni Kum is a romantic comedy with less sugar. Means less mush.

It is a sarcastic love story of a 64 year old arrogant,acidic chef of London’s top Indian restaurant and a simple 34 year old unmarried woman, visiting London. It’s a story of how they meet, how they fight, how they make up, how their relationship evolves into romance.

It’s a story of their funny struggle to break the news to the woman’s father and the chaos they go through convincing him and making him accept them as a couple.

Amitabh Bachchan Plays a 64 year old chef of london’s finest Indian restaurant. Arrogant passionate, Sarcastic, with nothing sweet about him, he is the cheeni kum(less sugar) man. He lives with his old mother and there’s nothing sweet about their relationship either.

Into his life walks a 34 year old woman, a tourist from India. A relationship that begins with a lot of rudeness, blossoms into romance. And the Chef tried his best to keep the romance too as sugar free as possible. When he encounters his woman’s father to ask his permission for her hand is when our man wishes the world was a little sweeter.

Tabu plays a 34-year-old Indian woman visiting London. Into her peaceful incident free life walks in this arrogant 64 year old chef. Insulted in his restaurant she teaches him a lesson, which tempers the arrogance and transforms it slowly into something a little sweeter. Dignified, totally unaffected by his pomposity she controls the romance. When she introduces her man to her father, she realizes that life can be less sweeter than her man.

Paresh Rawal plays the cricket loving, Gandhi loving, chicken loving father of Tabu. When she introduces him to the 64 year old chef, he automatically assumes he is talking to another man. He has no clue of his daughters intentions. He innocently makes the couple struggle to break the news, thwarting every attempt of his future son-in-law’s with innocent comments about how to cope with ageing. A hilarious real life situation follows when he finally discovers the truth.

Zohra Seghal, the grand 95 year old lady of Indian Cinema plays Amitabh’s mother. Sarcastic, rude and witty, just like her son, all she wants him to do is join the gym so that he stays fit when he reaches her age. For her, her 64 year old son will always be a grumpy child and she treats him exactly like one.

Swini Khara plays the Chef’s 9 year old neighbour, Sexy. She is the 64 year old man’s confidante, guide and philosopher. He shares everything with her. She suffers from leukemia and he only worry is she may not live to watch films which are certified for adults only. She is his advisor through his struggle.

Our Rating

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