Chitrangda Singh buffs up to take on Vivek Oberoi in Krrish 2

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Chitrangda Singh and Vivek Oberoi will soon be seeing doing high kicks and so much more in Krrish 2. When sexy Singh was briefed about the role she had to play, she was told that she has to look capable of taking on a number of men in fistfights. She would also have to flip over muscle men in fights to finish.

She recently told Bollywood Hungama’s Subhash K. Jha that the role is challenging and that she needs to look convincing doing it. “I don’t want to look like Angelina Jolie in Salt…you know, too svelte to beat up the guys like she was shown to be. I want a body type like Halle Berry’s.”

Singh will begin her “stress training” in August completing her shoot for Ishaan, where her role requires her to be feminine and seductive. She jokes that while her role in Krrish 2 is also feminine and seductive, she is not the kind of girl any man would want to mess with!

The forthcoming film will have Singh changing into a number of different characters. “Since it is a mutant’s role, she will be seen constantly transforming. Her character involves a lot of special effects…and a whole lot of very sexy styling,” says a source.

One particular scene in the film will have Singh on the floor with Oberoi for a hand-to-hand combat. Rakesh Roshan has expressed that he wishes to show the two actors as equal so he is avoiding using special effects.

“I really need to get into better shape for this one. Not lose or gain weight. Just get a lot more muscular through stress training,” says Singh.

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