Claudia hopes it’s payback time in Bollywood

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German Bollywood fans are looking forward to seeing Karma: Crime, Passion, Reincarnation, the new thriller which stars Polish-German actress Claudia Ciesla in an important role. Claudia was voted by fans as Germany’s Supergirl 2006 and became World Cup Girl for Bild, the popular daily newspaper.

Claudia hopes that her performance in Karma will catch the eye of other Bollywood producers and lead to a career in the movie industry that she loves along with many other German and Polish people. Multi-talented Claudia sings, dances, acts and can even skate on ice to a very high level – she has everything that a Bollywood actress needs as the industry goes global !

Claudia was asked what role she played in the movie: “The film is about reincarnation. I play the role of Linda, a young German who thirty years ago decides to hit the hippie trail in India for a month. There’s a love affair but it all ends tragically in Linda’s death. Then, 30 years later, there’s Anna, who is the reincarnation of Linda. She begins to have terrible visions of Linda’s death and decides to investigate….”

Karma was previewed at the Cannes Film Festival this year and looks set to launch Claudia Ciesla in front of a worldwide audience. Her karma must be good!

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