“Click tries to explore the phenomena of spirits as they appear in photographs” – Sangeeth Sivan

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Director Sangeeth Sivan has something new to show you at the movies, but be prepared because it is not a follow-up to his funny Apna Sapna Money Money. No, in fact, the talented filmmaker has decided to turn his lens to the horror genre and is getting ready to scare you witless with Click. Starring Shreyas Talpade, Sada, Sneha Ullal, Rehan Khan and Chunky Pandey, the film has both love and the terrifying combined. The story is about a photographer, his girlfriend and a camera that takes pictures that hold very dark secrets. In an interview with Bollyspice, Mr. Sivan talked about keeping up the scary and frightening mood on set, revealed that it was actually easier to make Click than some of his other films and even told us a ghost story. Read on if you dare!

Tell us about the story of Click.

Click tries to explore the phenomena of spirits as they appear in photographs. It’s also a love story and an investigative film too, surprising one at every turn. The spine of the story is horror -the love stories and the investigations are the sub plots.

Why did you decide to take on a supernatural thriller for your next film?

After two successful comedies, everyone who approached me, wanted me to do comedies.

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