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The sassy Veronica aka Deepika Padukone, the casual Saif Ali Khan aka Gautam and the lovely Meera aka Diana Penty are all ready to set the audience on fire with the release of their movie Cocktail on the 13th July 2012.

Directed by Homi Adajania, Cocktail is the perfect blend of love, drama & friendship – it is a completely refreshing film. A modern romance with a twist of the traditionalist, fun, and most importantly HIGH-SPIRITS!

So why the title Cocktail? Talking to TOI, the team said:

Saif Ali Khan: “The title Cocktail is apt because the film is really the blend of three very distinct characters. My character Gautam is crazy and shakes up the house, Veronica is the sexy wild child who stirs up everything and a simple awkward Meera adds a twist between what’s shaken and stirred! It is about getting this cocktail in a relationship just right… or not.”

Deepika Padukone: “For me this film is a combination of love and friendship …It’s about three very different characters who love each other, hate each other, and when all three are mixed in correct proportions they can give you a deadly HIGH!”

Diana Penty: “For me it’s a cocktail of emotions that my character Meera goes through. It is a mix of what makes up our closest relationships; the old, the new, the laughter, the loss and all the other variants that make up friendships. I can’t think of anything else apart from the title Cocktail to represent this film.”

Dinesh Vijan: “Love and friendship, love and lust, love and forgiveness, love and happiness… what is the common ingredient? Love: get it right and the Cocktail is perfect. This story is about getting the ingredients just right…or not.”

Homi Adajania: “For me the title Cocktail signifies the mix of ingredients that friends and lovers use to complete each other’s incompleteness.”

Illuminati films and Eros international’s presentation Cocktail releases on July 13.

Cocktail fans get ready because the Cocktail team has released some cool images and posters of the three stars fans we have them here!

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