“Comedy is quite difficult to do” – Mugdha Godse

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In Fashion, her first film, Mugdha Godse wowed audiences and received great critical praise for her performance as Janet; with her naturalness on screen she proved herself to be an actress to watch out for. It didn’t take long for directors to come knocking on her door, and now she has two major projects ready for release. The first one off the reel is All the Best, directed by Rohit Shetty and co-starring some of the best, including Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt, Fardeen Khan and Bipasha Basu. The film, which opens October 16th, is a full-on comedy, and for Mugdha it presented a challenge as well as a lot of fun! She took time out of her busy schedule to talk with Stacey about working on All the Best and why she couldn’t say no to the part. Take a look!

Why did you choose to take on this role in All the Best?

Because I loved the script, and doing a comedy with Rohit Shetty would be something really fantastic and I knew I was in great hands. Plus, I was working with this fantastic star cast, so there was nothing I could say no to.

Who is your character in the film?

My character is a very superstitious girl, a mad superstitious girl, who keeps giving lucky charms to people to bring their luck up, but it always fails to do so, so everyone is always trying to run away from her. There is a mistaken identity crisis happening and she just comes and spoils it for her friend. So, that is a funny character twist that happens to my role.

How was the experience working on the film?

The experience working on All the Best was fantastic. It was the first time I was doing comedy, so I was actually thinking if I could keep up, but everything went so smooth, and my co-stars and everyone was so sweet. I just had a blast on the set!

Did you find that comedy is a hard genre to do?

Actually, yes, comedy is quite difficult to do because you have to get the timing right and everything, but when you have good co-stars then I think everything falls into the right place.

How was it working with the cast?

It was fantastic working with them. Ajay Devgan was the producer and he took care of us completely. He is really sweet and a very good co-star. I took a lot of tips from him on acting since he is one of my favorite actors in the industry. It was a pure pleasure working with him and Fardeen, too. Fardeen was so fun to work with.

What was it like working with Rohit Shetty?

A pleasure. He is so funny, humorous, and a very fun-loving, full-energy guy and so sincere in his work. He is particularly good to work with and he makes you very comfortable. Throughout the film he just kept on telling me one thing, ‘Mugdha just chill’ (laughs) because I kept getting quite paranoid about the whole thing but he made me very comfortable. I was really excited and I was thrilled to work with him. I was able to learn a lot of new things, but later I realized it really was information overload, too. But it was also good, because now I am well equipped for a comedy flick!

What did you learn as an actress while making this film?

I learned how to make people laugh, how to get the timing right, it’s a different kind of scene work so I learned that… a lot of things. How to look good, how to dance and everything like that.

The music is really good. Do you have a favorite song?

I love the romantic song ‘Martaba’ and I also love the other romantic track ‘Kyon’. I think that is a fantastic track. Of course I love ‘All the Best’, and Rohit does, also. But there are more good sounding tracks too.

Since you were also shooting Jail at that time, was it difficult to change between the comedy of All the Best and the drama of Jail?

Initially it was difficult, but when I actually went on to the All the Best set it was very colorful and the whole atmosphere was so nice and energetic I was immediately getting into the character. We were shooting in Goa and the weather and everything in Goa is fantastic for shooting a comedy film.

Favorite memory from shooting the film?

My favorite memory we all used to go to the gym together after the shoot. That was another fun thing we did and I really miss that.

Do you have a favorite scene?

All are my favorite actually, but I remember my climax scene where there are 16 characters and we all live together and are having so much fun. I’ve never been to work with Jonny Lever ji also; he is one of my favorite comedians. It was good fun, we had a lot of fun, I saw a lot of things like bullet firing and a lot of things go on in the climax. Full madness.

What do you think audiences should expect from All the Best?

I think they should expect full-on entertainment, complete fun, a comedy with a bit of action. People should just go to laugh out loudly and then come back to their homes happy!

As Mugs says, get ready to laugh out loud when All the Best opens October 16th. It looks to be a masti-filled night at the movies. We can’t wait to see her spread her acting wings in a comedy role and we are sure she will impress again. We wish her well… All the Best… (wonder how many times that has been said!) Up next for Mugdha is Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail and she has promised to speak with us again, so stay tuned for more!

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