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Ignorance. It seems that this is a popular theme that the non-mainstream filmmakers enjoy analysing nowadays. Earlier this year we saw Summer 2007, which was a story about the new generation and their ignorance toward issues in the world around them. Now Ram Gopal Verma (RGV) takes on that same theme but in a new light. No matter how many mistakes the director has made (we all try and pretend that Aag doesn’t exist) you cannot ignore the fact that he is a genius and Contract reminds you exactly that.

The movie opens with the following line: “You can ignore terrorism however terrorism won’t ignore you” and immediately you know that this film will not be wasting time because from the very beginning it gets to the point. Getting to the point quickly is a rarity in Indian cinema so you know that Contract is off to a good start.

Contract revolves around Aman (Adhvik Mahajan) who is an ex-army member now leading a normal life with his wife and daughter. He’s a man who just wants to lead a normal life and chooses to ignore the horrors that his country is facing day after day. Selfish almost or simply logical, that’s for you the audience to decide.

Soon the horrors that Aman had been ignoring catches up with him, a terrorist attack at the local temple causes the death of both his wife and daughter. At that point the glossy and normal life that Aman had designed for himself comes crashing to the ground leaving him feeling more empty and helpless than ever. In rage and to seek revenge Aman becomes Amaan and he is planted in the underworld by the local police to end the gang wars with the added goal of becoming a part of the ring of terrorists that the underworld is closely connected with. Contract is the story of how Amaan makes a reputation in the underworld and how he completes this contract.

RGV has crafted a very intelligent and unique script. The only thing that dampens the spirit is that the twists and turns aren’t as gripping and edge of the seat as you want them to be. This is possibly the only and biggest flaw and because of it the film fails to keep your attention or keep you entertained.

Performances wise the movie is a winner all the way. Adhvik Mahajan had a very big role to perform which gave him a lot of scope. The actor pulls of the huge responsibility placed upon him with style and perfection. Most importantly he is confident on screen, which really makes his portrayal of Aman/Amaan all the more believable. Hard to believe that this was his first time onscreen!

Sakshi Gulati makes an effective debut. She impresses in the scenes she has, however one cannot help wanting to have seen more of her onscreen or at least seen more of her talent.

Like every RGV movie Contract is also packed with extremely talented supporting cast that leaves an impression. The music is something that is not predominantly used in the movie, however all songs are very uniquely intertwined in needed scenes as effective background score.

The winning factor of Contract is its climax. As strange as it may sound it seems like d

Our Rating

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