Could Katrina be the President?

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Rumours abound that Katrina Kaif is emulating the rise of Italian-born Congress President Sonia Gandhi in her new film Rajniti – and that Ranbir Kapoor’s role may be based on that of Rajiv Gandhi. The film is currently in production in Bhopal. Director Prakash Jha denies that there is a connection even though there is an incredible physical resemblance between Katrina and Sonia. “It (Katrina’s character) has nothing to do with either the life or political career of Sonia Gandhi,” Prakash says.

The new movie may be seen as a shift in the career mode of Katrina who is now looking for more serious roles after playing the hot bod for a couple of years. “My role in Rajniti has different shades – I start off in a particular way and end up as a completely changed character,” she says, “The character is immensely challenging and it is a huge responsibility to carry it off.”

Katrina still refuses to make any public commitments or statements about her relationship or non-relationship with Salman Khan. However, she denies she is teasing the public in order to maintain attention and insists it’s simply a question of privacy. “It’s true that I avoid talking about Salman,” she explains, “I’ve always maintained that my personal life has to be kept private.”

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