Cricket Match Held at Mall to Celebrate Lagaan DVD

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Earlier, we reported that Aamir Khan and the rest of his Lagaan cricket team were going to have a match at Infinity Mall against 11 lucky people who purchased the collectors edition DVD of the Oscar nominated movie. We now have the results of the match that was played on July 14th.

Before the match started, Aamir at a practice session said, “We are looking forward to the match and to enjoy ourselves thoroughly playing with fans from across the country.”

The Lagaan team came dressed in their costumes and were all set for a great time playing a limited over match against the 11 fans. Bhuvan aka Aamir won the toss and he elected to field and the other team was set to make their mark.

The Landmark 11 put an impressive 105 runs on the score board. But it was not enough to hold off the Lagaan 11 and they won the match with captain Aamir pitching in with a fast 18 runs.

The lucky fans were ecstatic at the opportunity to be playing against the stars and many of them said it was awesome! One of the players said, “It was great. An unbelievable experience. We are happy that even with little preparation we put up a good show!”

The Lagaan team had bahut maze and Raghuvir Yadav said, “The fun that we didn’t have earlier, we had today.”

Aditya Lakhia added, “Excellent, we had a good time. We have got fond memories, we relived the memories again. It has been wonderful playing here with the Landmark 11! Once again Lagaan has won!”

The match was a great show for the spectators at the packed mall in Mumbai, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed watching the match. Congratulations to both teams, and especially to the Landmark 11, who we know will never forget this experience!

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