Daddy’s and their Girls

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Have you heard the saying ‘Daddy’s girls’? The saying is mostly used to describe the obvious – the bond between father and daughter. So why bring this up? Well there seems to be a lot of papa – beti bonding going on in the film industry these days.

Not making sense? Let’s begin with Dil Chatha Hai director turned actor Farhan Akthar. Farhan has decided to take some time off after wrapping up Kartik Versus Kartik to spend with his eldest daughter. The time off will be spent re-affirming his relationship with her before she goes back to school. “After I complete Kartik, I’m taking time off to be with my elder daughter who has her summer vacations. When her school opens in June, I leave to look for foreign locations for Don 2.”

Shah Rukh Khan is also looking to spend some quality time with his daughter Suhana. After his man to man bonding with son Aryan, Shah Rukh Khan has now shifted focus to his daughter in an attempt to build an equally strong relationship. His attempts have already started. Last week Shah Rukh visited Karan Johar’s mom and Adnan Sami’s father in hospital accompanying him was daughter Suhana. Sources say “Suhana has always been closer to her mother (Gauri) while Aryan has been his papa’s pet. Shah Rukh wants to change that. He’s making a determined effort to spend quality time with Suhana.”

“Though Shah Rukh makes a very brave effort to be part of Gauri and Suhana’s feminine activities and though he has been as much a part of Suhana’s schooling as much as Aryan’s it’s only now that Shah Rukh is trying to make Suhana as much a part his activities.”

Having almost completed Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan his intention is to spend maximum time with both his children once free of his commitment.

Actor Aamir Khan seems to have the same intentions. The actor who is currently on holiday with his son Junaid and daughter Ira has been off for almost a year after his last assignment to spend time with his children.

According to a close source, both of Aamir’s children are very close to the mega-star.”Though the children stay with Aamir’s first wife there’s no dearth of empathy with their father. Junaid is bonding big-time with his dad and is already imbibing the rudiments of cinema from his father. Ira is a little shy of Aamir. But Aamir wants to change that.”

How sweet!

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