Daisy, Daisy, Give Me Your Answer, Do

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Is Kannada actress Daisy Bopanna hoping to move to Bollywood? The evidence certainly seems to point that way as she is now ensconced in Mumbai. However, she is keeping a foot in both camps by starring alongside Aakash in the Tollywood movie Sweethearts.

The Bimba actress has appeared in Bollywood before with Garam Masala where her first kissing scene was with John Abraham! How does she feel her career is progressing? “I am still learning my lessons,” she says, “I have a long way to go to reach where I want to be. People want actresses to do only glamorous roles. I don’t rule out doing such roles but I would love to do challenging roles in the future.”

So – is Daisy looking for work in Bollywood or Tollywood or in Kannada’s Mollywood where she originally made her name? “I have been getting offers from all the industries,” she confirms. “My plan is to take up roles very carefully. I do not want to stop acting in Kannada films as I am basically from Bangalore. Bollywood films will happen too, but one needs to be extra careful while choosing roles there. Getting a break is one step up the ladder, but the real struggle begins when you are looking for your second film. That is what will really make or break an actor.”

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