15 of our Favorite Magazine Cover Looks by Make up and Hair Artist Daniel Bauer

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Daniel Bauer is one busy makeup man. When he’s not on the set of movies for the Likes of Aishwarya, Katrina and Deepika, you’ll most likely see him working his magic on the set of a cover shoot. Daniel has worked on well over 100 magazine covers for almost every a-lister, from Priyanka to Alia to Katrina, Dipasha to Aishwarya to Kareena to Madhuri. Here are some of our favorites…

14aug_DanielBauer-MagShoots01 14aug_DanielBauer-MagShoots02 14aug_DanielBauer-MagShoots03 14aug_DanielBauer-MagShoots04 14aug_DanielBauer-MagShoots05 14aug_DanielBauer-MagShoots06 14aug_DanielBauer-MagShoots07 14aug_DanielBauer-MagShoots08 14aug_DanielBauer-MagShoots09 14aug_DanielBauer-MagShoots10 14aug_DanielBauer-MagShoots11 14aug_DanielBauer-MagShoots12 14aug_DanielBauer-MagShoots13 14aug_DanielBauer-MagShoots14 14aug_DanielBauer-MagShoots15 14aug_DanielBauer-MagShoots16 14aug_DanielBauer-MagShoots17

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