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This is one special album. Why? It witnesses the joining of the two most popular composers of 2007; Himesh Reshammiya and Pritam. The icing on the cake is that it’s directed by Ram Gopal Varma who isn’t exactly known for great music. So this album definitely sparks curiosity!

Himesh opens the album with a signature Himesh-style track titled Tadap Tadap. Expect the nasal voice, the repetition of lyrics, and of course Himesh’s female other half, Tulsi Kumar. The song isn’t bad by any means, it’s actually quite catchy. Give it a listen, you might like it even though it’s nothing particularly special. It’ll definitely be interesting to see RGV’s use of the song considering that lately he hasn’t been a sucker for music in his films. The Remix version is actually not a bad spin-off from the original. It’s a bit faster-paced with club beats in the background.

Pritam has composed the next track titled Aa Khushi Se Khudkhushi Kar Le and is one of the best tracks of the album. A complete peppy number, it makes you want to get up and dance. Shaan and Sunidhi team up and only add more energy to the proceedings. This one should soar up the charts any time now! For some reason is reminds me of Pritam’s work in Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena. And yes, this is the same track that was part of the Bhagam Bhaag soundtrack although it was not placed in the film. The Remix is louder and more obnoxious but surprisingly doesn’t make you want to rip your ears out like most remixes.

The minute you see Adnan Sami’s name as the vocalist of Saathiya you sit up and listen. Let me tell you, he does not disappoint in this soft number that slowly grows on you. Tulsi Kumar accompanies him but doesn’t have much of a part to sing. Still, her voice sounds a bit different and more mellow here which is a nice change from her usual Reshammiya-packed tracks. Sameer’s original lyrics add to the quality of the song. The track makes a re-appearance later on in the album and sounds identical to the original. The Remix is just perfectly crafted without going overboard.

Shaan shines in Hasaye Bhi Rulaye Bhi which seems like it was tailor-made for his voice. The lyrics are romance personified and actually don’t make you throw up with the sweetness. Once again, Tulsi Kumar is the female vocalist and makes you wish she’d sing so beautifully like this more often! Another great track.

Akele Tanha sees Tulsi finally taking a solo in the album. Now I’m in a quandary as to which is the best track of the album. All have something different to offer and great musical arrangements. Sameer’s lyrics are not really innovative, but while listening you don’t seem to mind.

With the final track titled Awaaz Koi, it seems RGV has returned to his roots with different and quite unique music. Musically, this track composed by Prasana Shekhar is the best of the album. It is rendered by Priyadarshini who possesses an extremely original voice unlike what we usually hear in Hindi cinema. The entire track is surrounded by an eerie and mysterious aura which seems to coincide with the film’s theme. It ends with a chilling scream and you realize that this is after all an RGV film.

In totality, Darling is a wonderful album which is a nice change for a Ram Gopal Varma film, but a necessity for a T-Series film. While most tracks are composed by Pritam, Himesh and Prasana Shekhar contribute one track each, providing quite a nice variety of music. It’s pretty much got everything; a Himesh number, a hardcore dance track, a few romantic and soothing tracks and one creepy yet completely original number. If the lyrics were a bit better it would be an even better album. All I can say is, what has gotten into RGV? Oh well, I don’t mind!

Our Rating

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