Dazzling your Prom Night

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There is a time in (almost) every girl’s school life for which she has been planning in her mind for years! The Prom Night! For all you Aussies, it’s the formal! The night of celebration of your final year at high school! It is the night of shear joy to share with friends you love and will miss, people you hate and want to make jealous and most importantly, a night of a fashion gala event!

BollySpice now brings you the 3 hottest and most popular fashion styles at proms and formals around the globe!

1. Princess

A very common idolized dress for many girls is the one above. It is the one we see in Disney fairy tales, or on the DVD cover of Hillary Duff’s “A Cinderella Story”. Cinderella is one word that describes this look completely! An absolutely ball gown style dress, a beautiful tiara and an elegant hairstyle! And if you’re really into the look, then even go for the gloves! The ultimate princess look, that has forever had heads turning since the days of Audrey Hepburn is bound to do so in any prom. This look is forever in style and popular! Only problem with style is that it can get overrated at times. After all, every girl’s nightmare is that someone else will turn up in the exact same style or worse, the exact same dress.

2. Hollywood

Hollywood or the red carpet style is certainly popular but with extreme class. Not everyone can pull it off, but one with grace, elegance and of course style can certainly get everyone’s attention on their special night. The dress usually has a straight line cut and sometimes comes with a trail. Beautiful, classy jewelry and a great hair style that goes exactly with the feel of the dress are of high importance when sporting this look. This simple yet classy look is slowly becoming as popular as the “princess” style around the globe! And, the biggest advantage with sporting this classy and sexy look is that the dress designs can vary so greatly that turning up in the same dress as someone else is hardly an issue!

3. Cocktail

Last but not the least is the Cocktail style dress. If you want to stand out at your prom, then the cocktail style would certainly work for you. It is usually a dress that is above knee height. With this look, you can go funky with your style for the evening, especially with your hair. It requires more creativity in jewelry selection as well as makeup and sex appeal in bundles! A cocktail dress is a tough one to pull off at times but this look certainly dares you to be different! And, surely doesn’t require you to worry about anyone coincidently looking like you on the night!

So, that was a small overview of the ever popular fashion at proms and formals. Of course being a Desi, it opens a portal of Saris, Lehengas and Salwar Suits. Keeping with your culture and adding color to your look on the night is a fantastic way to celebrate and why not! So, all you girls and guys out there, we hope you all have enjoyed your proms and formals as the season just went by and for all those that are still looking forward to theirs, we hope you enjoyed our insight on what to expect or what style and look suits you! Don’t forget, there’s no need to be too conscious about your look on the night and just have lots of fun! Make sure you dance the night away! (Even though for girls in heals it can be a pain…)

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