Deepika and Neil: Best Friends for Life

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Neil Nitin Mukesh is by far the most liked actor in Bollywood. The actor is loved by all his co-stars and is hardly ever involved in any controversies. Deepika Padukone is the latest actress to join the bandwagon of co-stars who has found a friend and buddy in Neil. During the shooting of Lafange Parindey, the actors got along extremely well to the extent that Neil would be on the sets on his days off too. Padukone went on to say about her new friend, “I think I have made a friend for life and I think that’s what I cherished the most because he is a wonderful human being and that comes across on screen. We got along really well.”

During an accident scene, it was Neil who decided to do Deepika’s make up and on another day, he came along to give moral support to Deepika as she was working on a number of tough scenes that involved cables and action. “I can confidently say that he has been the most supportive and encouraging co-star, with whom I have worked so far. Even on days when he was not required, he would be there,” she added.

Deepika is convinced that Neil is already set to become a director because of his innate understanding of cinema. “I think he is ready to direct. We keep thinking that he is new, we saw him in three-four films, but I think in terms of experience and his knowledge where cinema is concerned, I think he is technically very sound and he is ready to direct a film,” she gushed.

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