Deepika Answers Fan’s Love Aaj Kal Questions

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One of the films that many a fan cannot wait to get to the theater is Love Aaj Kal. The romantic film, directed by Imtiaz Ali, stars Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, Rishi Kapoor, Rahul Khanna, Vir Das and Florence Brudenell-Bruce. Deepika recently thrilled members of the Love Aaj Kal Facebook group when she sent a short video message answering some of their questions. Here is what was asked and answered!

She was asked, “How was it working with Imtiaz Ali?” “Working with Imtiaz, for me, was definitely a dream come true. I remember watching his first film Socha Na Tha. Since then I was a big fan of his as a director. I remember he offered Love Aaj Kal to me even before Om Shanti Om had released and even before Jab We Met had released. And I think that that’s what makes this project, for me, more special is that fact that he did not need anything else to judge me as a performer. He is a wonderful human being and I think somewhere that comes across on screen and that comes across in his direction. He makes everyone on set feel really comfortable. He is a very warm person and I think that is what makes this film for me one of the most memorable.”

The next question was asking her about her experience working with Saif on the film, “Saif is a complete baccho on set. I remember the first schedule we had in London he took time to kind of open up and be comfortable. But, after awhile I think he became a lot more easy. He is again an extremely sensitive person. A gentleman. Also very intelligent. I have noticed that he has a lot of knowledge about a lot of things in life and I think that is what makes his personality a lot more interesting. I think he is one of the most brilliant actors we have.”

She answered, “Is changing genres in movies a deliberate choice?” by saying, “I think what differentiates this film from the rest of my films, like Om Shanti Om for example was also in a way a romantic film, but I would like to believe this is a very real film. I think people of all generations will relate to it. Considering the way we have treated relationships.”

She went to talk about her character in the film, “My character Meera is very close to the kind of person that I am and there is a shocking similarity and resemblance to the character. And I remember when Imtiaz and me were sitting together to discuss the character I was like, I know it, (snaps her fingers) I know it!”

Fans also wanted to know about her training as a dancer and how long she has been studying dance, “I’m not really a trained dancer. I remember when I was in school my mom sent me for Bharatanatyam classes for a couple of years. After that just before Om Shanti Om, Farah sent me to train in Karthak for a couple of months but that is about it. Beyond that I think it is just the passion for dance.”

Finally Deepika was asked, “Your most memorable scene amongst all your films and why?” Her answer, “With Om Shanti Om it’s definitely the first day of shooting with Shah Rukh. Also my very first dialogue of my career ever in Om Shanti Om was ‘kutte kamine bhagwan ke liye mujhe chode’ so I think for me that would be the most memorable.”

Along with this video message, both Saif and Deepika have left video messages for fans on the group and we imagine there will be many more! We will keep on top of them and be sure to report what comes next so watch this space for more!

Love Aaj Kal is scheduled to release on June 26th!

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