Deepika apes ex- boyfriend Ranbir in Break Ke Baad?

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Deepika Padukone’s character in Break Ke Baad has been modeled on her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor. Deepika plays the commitment-phobic Aalia in her upcoming film. That her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor is commitment-phobic is well-known in the industry. They were in a two year long serious relationship that didn’t bear much fruit.

When Deepika heard director Danish Aslam’s narration of Break Ke Baad she couldn’t believe the striking similarities that her character had with Ranbir’s approach to love in real life. She went home dazed, wondering if she should attempt playing the role or not. She was faced with this dilemma at a time when her relationship with Ranbir was far from being perfect.

The actress chose to take up the challenge. While Deepika remains tight lipped about this, a very close friend of hers confirmed this story and said, “Knowingly or unknowingly, she has added some nuances to her character in the film that are straight out of her past love affair with Ranbir. Besides, when an actor gets into the skin of her character, she picks up traits from people she has known personally.”

Was it an easy character to play for Deepika? Her friend added, “Well, it was easy in parts, but when the scenes became very emotional and intense, it was difficult.”

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