Deepika Padukone would do Shuddhi if offered to her

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13aug_Deepika-SuccessDeepika Padukone has stated that she would sign up for Karan Johar’s much talked about project Shuddhi if she was approached for the female lead. Shuddhi initially had Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor Khan signed up for the roles. However, Hrithik has been forced to opt out due to illness and it is not clear whether Kareena will still be a part of the film. Speaking during a promotional event for Hewlett Packard, Deepika mentioned the following to the Indian press regarding the film. “I haven’t been approached for the film yet. I don’t know if they (makers) know what is happening with the film. At the point when Hrithik was doing it I would have definitely be interested in doing it. Now that he is not doing it, I don’t know what is happening with the project.”

Asked whether or not she would star in the film if offered the female lead, Deepika gave this response. “Yes I would do it, why not? If Karan thinks I would do justice to it then I will do it. Though Hrithik is not doing the film, I would be okay to do the film with any other co-star. It all depends on what they plan to do with the project.”

Shuddhi will be directed by Karan Malhotra, famed for his work in the remake of Agneepath (2012) and will be produced by Karan Johar. Confirmation regarding who will take up the male and female leads in the film will be announced shortly by Karan Johar, who gave this update via Twitter. Karan also confirmed the release date of the film, which is scheduled for 25 December 2015!

Stay tuned as we will update you with news regarding this exciting project!

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