Deepika Padukone – Two for the Price of One

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The promo video for Chandni Chowk to China has hit UK screens with Deepika Padukone looking simply ravishing as a Chinese showgirl – although some people have commented that the heavy use of eyeliner has made her look older. Rumour had it originally that they were going to use adhesive tape to produce the Chinese look in her eyes. “We had thought of that initially but it wasn’t a good idea to use tapes, they’re bad for the skin,” says Deepika, “My makeup artist came up with a simpler solution and used the eyeliner in such a way that it gave my eyes the Chinese tweak.”

Deepika plays two roles in the movie – Chinese martial artist Meow Meow and an Indian girl called Sukhi. “Playing two different characters was quite challenging for me as they are so contrasting in nature. One is an Indian girl with traditional values and the other a Chinese girl who is bold and sexy”, explains Deepika.

Meanwhile, Ranbir Kapoor has denied that there is a rift between Deepika and himself over his hot on-screen relationship with Katrina Kaif. “There is nothing wrong with me and Deepika,” he says, “We are as good friends today as we were earlier. Nothing has changed at all. We are busy in our work and everything is going fine. We both are here to make a career in films. We both have to do a lot of hard work.”

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