Deepika walks in as Kareena walks out. Emraan stays put.

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Ekta Kapoor, who has teamed up with Karan Johar to bring us a quirky love story, has had a change in cast due to Kareena Kapoor deciding to opt out of the project. It is reported that Kareena Kapoor opted out of the film when she realised she would be starred alongside Emraan, the serial kisser who is not portrayed as the convential hero. However, other reports suggest that Kareena insisted she cannot commit to the project due to the shooting schedule clashing with her wedding preparations.

The 100 crore actress who has a string of hits behind her is apparently not comfortable working with Emraan despite agreeing to the project when it was first discussed. However, where Kareena appears to have walked out, Deepika Padukone seems comfortable enough walking in. A source close to the Balaji-Dharma project revealed to TOI, “It is strange Kareena was not happy with her role. She also told Ekta and Karan that her wedding would be around the same time they wanted to start shooting for the film. It’s a heroine-oriented film and Emraan is not the mainstay of the project. Deepika was so excited about her role that she agreed to it a couple of days before boarding the flight to Turkey, where she is currently shooting for Race 2.”

It seems Kareena later regretted her decision to opt out and wanted to be part of the project once again however, a source told TOI, “It would have been unethical to show Deepika the door then. Moreover, they were unanimous in their opinion that Deepika could pull off the role as efficiently as Kareena would have.” It seems Kareena’s loss has become Deepika’s gain.

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