Deepika’s Loss Is Aamir’s Win

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Deepika's Loss Is Aamir's WinIn case you’re wondering whether Deepika missed a project which was later given Aamir or something along those lines let us clear the misconception that this has nothing to do with cinema and films at all. Actually it focuses on a whole new arena all together and that is sports.

It’s a well known fact that Deepika Padukone is daughter of pro Badminton player Prakash Padukone and recently at the Padukone Acadamy annual tournament quite the match was played between Aamir Khan and Deepika Padukone. The perfectionist actor turned director proved that be it in any arena he’ll surely emerge as the winner by winning the match which he played with partner Aparna Popat against Deepika and her father.

Speaking about her loss and Aamir’s to Mid-Day the Om Shanti Om actress said that sportsmanship was the highlight of the day and not who won or lost. Incidentally she’s witness Aamir’s game earlier at the Khar Gym and considers the actor to be extremely fit and gifted in the game.

Moving onto her days as a Badminton player and whether this match brought back old memories the actress said that it was rather thrilling to join hands with her father after so many years to play a match in a sport that she’s so passionate about.

Sounds like a great day at the Padukone Acadamy with reunions, great sportsman ship, fitness and of course some exciting revelation about how versatile our stars are indeed, even off-screen!

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