Deepika’s Tattoo Interrogation

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Deepika Padukone was so sure of her relationship and future with ex-beau Ranbir Kapoor, that she went ahead to tattoo his initials, R.K. on the nape of her neck. Now that their relationship has gone kapoot, the actress finds herself with initials that mean nothing to her anymore. At a recent skin care product launch, the media chose to ask the actress more about her relationship, the infamous tattoo and nothing related to the product line.

She was immediately bombarded with questions including, “What are you going to do about the RK tattoo on your back?” She decided to take a no comment stand on the question. Next to come her way was a sly rhetorical question “Is the brand coming out with a cream that will erase your tattoo?” Yet again silence. Finally, a brave journalist simply asked, “Are you happy after your break-up with Ranbir?” To which she replied, “Of course, I am happy. Don’t I look happy?”
Padukone quickly decided that the press conference was headed nowhere and ran out the nearest door, choosing not to interact with the media anymore.

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