Delhi 6 to be Released Again

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The RDB director clearly cannot take no for an answer. It has been a whole year since the audience rejected his last release Delhi 6 which failed to keep up to expectations set by the audience. Now Rakeysh is going to give it another try with an alternative ending – hoping that everyone will change their opinions about the film.

For those of you who have not seen the film let us enlighten you by saying that the film did not end in a tragedy; however, according to Rakeysh, the original script was that Abhishek’s character would in fact die in the end. He claims that pressure from the production house [UTV] compelled him to change the end and this contributed greatly to the failure of the film. Several arguments have been made on this topic between the maker, Abhishek and UTV as UTV claimed that the audience would react quite negatively if Abhishek’s character died. Despite not believing in the ending himself, the director went ahead and changed the ending perhaps hoping that the producers were correct and that this would in the best interest of the film. Sadly, it was not.

The director himself has confirmed the new release in a statement to the media. “I made a mistake. I should have gone with my original script with the tragic ending. Going by the reactions I got after I showed the newly edited film at the Venice Film Festival in September, I am sure this is the right version of Delhi 6 “ said Rakeysh.

Rakeysh plans to release this version of Delhi 6 as he embarks on his next directorial venture which is to be the historical Mirza Saahiban which he has yet to cast for. In addition to this new beginning in 2010, Rakeysh plans to open a story bank in his production house as he strongly believes that avenues need to be created for newer writing talents and directors to reach the big banners for their scripts and films. Confirming this news the director said, “While there is an acute shortage of writers in our cinema, new writers seem to have no access to the mainstream banners. We want to give these writers a chance to bring their talents to our company.”

Well, it looks like 2010 is all about fixing the wrongs for Rakeysh, first Delhi 6 and now these various short comings of our industry. Way to go Rakeysh! Now all we have to do is wait and see if this change is all that was needed in Delhi 6 to give it the same reaction as RDB!

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