Delhi Heights

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They say good things come in small packages—they were right! Starring Jimmy Shergill and Neha Dhupia, nobody expected much of Delhii Heights, let alone its music. Delhii Heights is one of those cases where the zero expectations work in favour of the album as you are shocked to hear innovative and fun tunes from none other than Rabbi Shergill. This album has Rabbi Shergill written all over it—music, lyrics, singing, everything! In 2005, Rabbi shot to the top of Indian charts with the hit single Bulla Ki Jaana and subsequently has been laying low. With Delhii Heights, Rabbi Shergill fans can rejoice as this one’s a sure winner!

The title track, Dilli sets the stage wonderfully for the rest of the album. With invigorating lyrics, ‘Dilli’ manages to grow on you more and more after each listen as it is completely different from our regular filmi gaana. In this soft-rock number, Rabbi makes a significant impact with his refreshing voice. A sure-shot hit among Delhiites, and anyone else who gives it a listen!

By far my favourite of the entire album, Tere Bin catches you unaware. This is the same track that was featured in Rabbi’s debut album. Unfortunately the title isn’t too imaginative as we have been bombarded with Tere Bin’s from various albums including the recent Bas Ek Pal. This one is sure to follow the trend of Tere Bin hits as it’s peppy, catchy and a pleasure to listen to. It’s not one of those songs you want to dance to, nor is it one of the ones that makes you shed tears…it’s simply feel-good! The wonderful musical arrangement should be noted as well. Already making waves, this song is destined for the charts!

Kabhi Aana Na immediately rushes into an electronic guitar tune and then slows down into another energetic song. Rabbi croons fantastically, this time along with the talented Indian Idol finalist Amit Sana. The reason this song works is because it’s the third consecutive song that is different from what we usually hear but still is distinct in the album. For some reason, the dialogue in the middle of the song only interrupts the flow, which is the only drawback. Still, a great composition and the youngsters will love it!

A complete turnaround from the previous track, Kitni Der Tak is more solemn and soft with wonderful lyrics. It’s the first song in the entire album to be Rabbi-less but Sonu Nigam never makes you wish Rabbi was back as he is just as great. A romantic track, only Sonu could have sung it so well! This is the type of song you listen to on a nice sunny day. Rabbi Shergill deserves bonus points for giving us a romantic track with its own distinct stamp.

This track just has to be expected with Rabbi Shergill—bhangra! Finally, a nice bhangra track without any of the extra raps in the middle or Western influences, it’s pure Punjabi! Often times, these types of tracks begin to sound similar but Rabbi’s composition is completely different from the rest and you can’t help but love it. Aaja Nachle really wants to make you dance, as the title hints! Salim Shahzada does a nice job in this mirchi-masti track.

The final track, Ey Gori, comes just in time for the Holi season. This track grew on me instantly and makes you wish you were outside playing Holi! Sonu Kakkar arrives as the first female singer in the album and croons with great energy along with the inimitable Kailash Kher. Extremely fun and lively!

Delhii Heights proves that along with Indian cinema, the diversity of our music is increasing by leaps and bounds! If you’re tired of the pyaar, ishq and mohabbat tracks…check out this album—you won’t be disappointed. It’s youthful, fresh and most importantly, different. At the same time, not everyone will like it if they are looking for a conventional album. It’ll definitely work with the metro audiences. Worth a listen!

Our Rating

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