Depublished: Shradha Sharma in Airport Trauma

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Shradha Sharma was returning to Mumbai from Delhi on Jetflite number S2107 on Saturday morning after having performed in a stage show in Ghaziabad. She was feeling stressed and tired after two solid days work and was running a temperature – so as you can imagine, she was under a lot of strain. It was then she discovered she had been robbed. Her flight bag was in tatters and a number of items were missing including 1.5 lakh in cash, jewellery, credit cards and house keys.

Naturally, she was devastated and complained to a Jetlite official and it was then, she claims, that matters became worse as she was humiliated by the official. Under his breath, Shradha claims he said, “Why do women with less clothes have more money?” She says he then accused her of paying more attention to her clothes than her possessions. Shradha, who was already highly stressed, broke into tears and called her agent. Arriving at the airport, he eventually managed to contact her and filed a complaint to the police.

“I was helpless and crying and had lost my precious belongings worth Rs 3 lakh, but the Jetlite duty manager did not even bother to come and meet me for two minutes,” Shradha said later. The police have since arrested two people on suspicion of the theft. A police spokesman said, “We have arrested one Satish and Rajneesh after recovering the stolen items from them.”

Hot item girl Shradha recently said she is being relentlessly pursued by Rakhi Sawant’s ex, Abhishek Awasthi, but is not interested. “Yes it’s true that he has been giving me a lot of attention,” she explains, “But I am not interested in anything right now. I need to concentrate on work and not waste my time on such things. I don’t want to be associated with him. Let’s talk about Abhishek Bachchan, not Abhishek Awasthi.”

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