Dev D’s Lustline now open!

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As part of the promotion for the new movie Dev D, a pretend sex hotline has been opened on +91 22 61424800. Callers ringing this number will have the chance to hear Chanda talking in a husky voice in a choice of four languages. “The makers want the audience to be prepared about what to expect from the film,” says the source. The movie is a modern interpretation of the classic tale. “Whilst Dev D is a musical with as many as 18 songs and while this very fact also forms an integral part of the film’s narrative and hence the marketing, the sexuality angle that Chanda brings in can’t be ignored either,” the source continues, “She is young, naughty and sexy and this is what callers would get to know when they dial the number.”

Dev D stars Abhay Deol as Dev D in his most important role so far and Kalki Koechlin as Chanda. Abhay is very excited by the movie which he claims is a fresh and ‘out of the box’ interpretation, full of movement and imagery. “It’s not a verbal film, it’s very heavy on music,” he confirms, “If I compile my dialogues delivered in the film, not more than four pages will be covered.” The actor, who previously appeared in Ahista Ahista, Manorama Six Feet Under and Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd went on to say, “Dev D adopts an unusual and contemporary approach and I think that is exactly what will work for the film, because it will be like a revelation for the people. It’s always good to turn a stereotype image and experiment with it.”

Newcomer Kalki plays Chanda as a college student living on the edge. A runaway from home, she meets up with Chunni and builds a coke-fueled life for herself as a student by day and and an adrenalin-powered escort by night.

Check back soon for an exclusive interview with Abhay Deol!

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