Dev Takes the High Road

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How appropriate that urbane and suave Dev Anand is on his way to the Cannes Film Festival this year. What wonderful memories we have of him, his comic timing, his hats and his acting ability in movies such as Minimji, CID, Kala Pani, Jewel Thief, and Paying Guest. But Living Legend, Dev is not finished yet. He is currently in Inverness in Scotland looking for a leading lady for his new romance, When Heartbeats are the Same.

This is not the first time he has been to Scotland. Ten years ago, he was there making Main Solah Baris Ki in Pitlochry in the Highlands and fell in love with the place. “There was magic in the scenery everywhere, in Scotland’s countryside, its towns, its lakes, its valleys and dales,” said 84-year-old Dev. Mr Anand’s autobiography ‘Romancing with Life’ commends Edinburgh as the world’s prettiest city and he is optimistic that he will open a production office for his company in Inverness as many Hindi movies use Scotland as a double for Kashmir. It’s Dev’s 1965 movie, Guide that is being honoured as a classic in Cannes this year. Unique for it’s time, Guide was an American-Indian co-production.

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