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This is a special album in itself. With Sanjay Dutt ruling the media with his infamous case, people will crave to see anything of him. This might be the last movie we will see him in for a few years. But, let’s not hope that happens. Adnan Sami brings out his musical talent, along with his singing talent after a while. His last music direction was heard in Lucky, which had beautiful, slow-paced music. But, this album brings out the exact opposite out of Adnan. This album is fast, crazy, rocking and happening, just like the stars of this movie. Sami has tried to commemorate everything into this album, from dhols to bhangra, to guitars to rock. And, I think it is safe to say that he has done a great job.

The album starts with the song, Chandni Raat Hai Saiyan sung by Asha Bhosle and Amit Kumar. It has been a while since we have heard a song sung by this melody queen, and it is a refreshing change. This song is slower than the other tracks of this album, yet is fun to listen to. The song seems to be a qawaali song, as the whole song has the background of claps. Considering, there are no lead actresses in this movie; this might even be an item number song. The song takes getting used to; it seems much better if you listen to it over a number of times. Asha Bhosle is, as always, flawless, while Amit Kumar does a commendable job, but not an awesome one.

The remix of this song is better than the original. The music has a faster beat to it than the original, and matches the beat of other songs in this album. While, the original can bore you after a while, the remix does not have a loop where you get bored. You are either entranced by Asha Bhosle’s voice or are dancing to the music.

The Instrumental of this song is awesome. You just can’t resist but dance a little to this instrumental. The way it starts, the song just draws you in and you do not have a way out. It has an Indian taste to it, which you hardly hear nowadays. It is a fun tune with some classical mix to it, while there is also some DJ rapping. It is basically the music of the original song, but this time it is not overshadowed by singers, and it stands out on its own.

The next song in this album is, Chal Naache Shor Machalen. It is a western track, with a little bhangra tune to it. It sounds like a rock song when it starts and you are just mesmerized by the music of guitars. And when the drums join the guitars, it just sounds awesome. The music of this track is just “WOW”. The singing styles of Adnan Sami and Shaan just add more charisma to this song. It is a totally danceable tune for parties and clubs.

As I already said, the music in this song was phenomenal, so the instrumental is instantly phenomenal too. It will be a total hit with people who are into fast-paced, rock type songs. In this instrumental, you feel the need for lyrics when the main music is slow, but then again you forget about them as the music picks up again, and you dive into the music vortex of different instruments that were played in this track.

The next song is, Miss India Marti Mujhpe, which is the most pointless song in this album. It is a fun song between friends who are exaggerating, trying to prove themselves better than each other. Still, it is an entertaining song, because the lyrics will crack you up. The music has a little Indian mix to it with the original western tune. It might as well be the title song, because it fits the crazy people of this movie and what they would actually do.

The last song in the album is, Dekho Dekho Dil Yeh Bole, which matches Chal Naache Shor Machalen in the beat and awesome music. It is a rocking song, with a western tune, and is again, perfect for parties and clubs. This song also mainly consists of guitars, as they are showcased more than other instruments. It gets a bit idiotic with the background girls singing “yay ay dhamaal” though. But, Adnan and Shaan saves the song with their flawless, and fantastic singing, Props to them!

All in all, this album is mesmerizing and will take you off your feet with its rocking tunes and outstanding beats. This is an album for the fast-paced tracks lovers, though the people who are into slow songs will be disappointed. But, then again, this movie is all about boys and masti, so there is no need for slow songs. Adnan Sami has proved himself as a music director by taking a hundred and eighty degree turn and producing an album which is a total opposite of his last album. Bravo to him! With only four singers (himself included), Adnan has produced some amazing tracks. You just can’t resist but “Be a slave to the rhythm. Do the Dhamaal to the rhythm”. Listen to this album, if you want a change from some nasal voice and same type of songs, or just want to shake your booty!

Our Rating

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