Dhoom 2

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Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Bipasha Basu & Uday Chopra
Director: Sanjay Gadhvi

Two years ago, Yashraj Films decided to delve into a genre they never touched in the past. The world of action was unfamiliar territory for the production house which was famous for making candy floss cinema. So when they decided to make the film Dhoom, it shocked many and made them curious as well. The rest is history, as after Dhoom released, it became an instant hit all across India. YRF actually were able to deliver in the action genre, further establishing they are the number one production house in Bollywood. The movie was a first of its kind in Bollywood with its bikes and slick action. It made every guy in India want to ride a Hayabusa and you couldn’t go anywhere in India without hearing Dhoom Machale as someone’s ring tone. It brought the careers of the two lead actors to life. All in all, Dhoom created dhoom all across India and it was a film that would surely never be forgotten. Now, the Chopras riding high on this success knew they had to cash in and relive the magic of Dhoom. Thus two years later, we have the sequel to the action packed thriller. They signed some big names along the way to accompany the two protagonists to assure that this Dhoom will be bigger and better than its predecessor. So the million dollar question is, is it? Is Aishwarya Rai hot? The answer to those questions is an obvious YES!!! The original Dhoom set a standard for itself and the new Dhoom absolutely obliterates those standards and goes miles ahead of the original. Get ready for the ride of your life, as Dhoom 2 provides the biggest entertainment of the year!

The movie retains the characters of Jai (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali (Uday Chopra) as the cops going after new villains this time after the death of Kabir (John Abraham). Joining them in the hunt is Shonali (Bipasha Basu). The crooks this time around are a guy that goes by the name of Mr. A a.k.a. Aryan (Hrithik Roshan) and the femme fatale, Suneheri (Aishwarya Rai). From the first scene where Hrithik pulls off the heist on the train, you know you’re in for one hell of an awesome time for the entire two and a half hours. The action is clearly notches ahead of the first one. I mean they made rollerblading in an action movie look cool. Add to that sand boards, jet skis, and everyone’s favorite dream machine, the returning motorcycles, and you experience one action packed journey. The first half is extremely fast and does not even give you an opportunity to breathe. There are many action sequences in this half and all are done in an amazing manner. The highlight would have to be Hrithik rollerblading all across Mumbai and Abhishek in a helicopter trying to sniper him. The robbery preceding this sequence was outstanding as well. The opening train sequence as well as Aishwarya’s intro sequence in which they heist a sword, deserves high marks as well. Just put it, the action of the film is what makes it so damn good. This is some of the best action and entertainment you will see ever. The only problem in the film is the somewhat slow second half. Compare it to the first half, and it is pretty lethargic. You get so many things happening in the first half that the second half gives you time to relax before the climax. The second half is mainly used to further Hrithik and Aishwarya’s relationship, which was nice, but add the action, and it would have been a knockout. Another interesting development is pre interval regarding Aishwarya’s character and that is another thing that was developed in the second half. The second half was mainly used to further the story line. Many might say there isn’t much as far as plot is concerned, and they would be mostly right because there are some loopholes here and there. But what I say is, these types of films don’t rely on good scripts. All they need is some good action, music, and bodies, and this films passes on all counts. This is a full fledged masala entertainer, and that is exactly what it should be treated as. If people want ground breaking cinema, then spare yourself and watch some art film, instead of bashing a completely awesome popcorn entertainer.

The climax more than makes up for the action-less second half. The much anticipated showdown between Abhishek and Hrithik was awesome. It was great to see the buddies in real life beat the daylights out of each other. The stunts pulled not only in this sequence, but the entire film, were brilliant. You just watch it on the big screen and go, “Wow, what on earth did I just witness?” The climax capped off one hell of a joy ride. Full marks on this department as well. The only thing that will meet with a mixed reaction is the ending of the film. Some, like me, will love it, while others will find it a strange way to end the enterprise.

Sanjay Gadhvi has to be the luckiest man in Bollywood. Not only does he get a chance to direct the coolest movie of the year, but he gets to direct the hottest actors in Bollywood. Life could not be better for this man. I’m not saying it was all fun and no work, but it seemed like he had one hell of a good time directing this one. Like I said before, script does not play a main role in a film like this, but it was a decent story, especially if you liked the original Dhoom. He told the story well, but most importantly he was able to show great chemistry of his stars. The few scenes Hrithik and Abhishek have together show how at ease these two are at working together. Abhishek and Bipasha also looked good together. The scenes Abhishek had with Aishwarya were nice as well, but if there is one highlight of the film, it is without a doubt, the chemistry between Hrithik and Aishwarya. Why these two were never paired together before is beyond me. You can actually feel the electricity and heat when these two shared screen presence together. They even have a little surprise for the viewers pre-climax which I’m sure will shock many. The scene that leads to the shocker was probably the best scene in the film. Very dramatic and well done by Ghadvi. Clearly put, this is your jodi of the year folks. So much props to Sanjay Gadhvi for extracting great chemistry from his actors, telling a good story, and keeping a great pace of the story. Even in the second half when the narrative slows down, you don’t feel bored because there is always something going on to keep your interest.

Also high marks for the cinematography of the film. They made all the exotic locales look absolutely beautiful. Whether it was the deserts of Namibia, the beaches of Rio, or even the streets of Mumbai, everything was shot brilliantly and made the movie look beautiful, as if the stars didn’t do enough. The music of the film is solid as a whole. It is perfectly fitting for a movie of this genre. It has nice beats and can get you up and groove on the dance floor. The best of the lot is Dhoom Again. It is a worthy successor to Dhoom Machale. The picturization on Hrithik during the opening credits and Hrithik and Aishwarya during the end credits were absolutely rocking. Crazy Kiya Re is a funky cool track. But the track is nothing compared to the picturization. This has to be one of the hottest number to hit the screens ever. Aishwarya sizzles and steals many a hearts, including mine, with her sexiness and hotness. Touch Me is a good track that is nice to dance to, but you won’t be able to tell from the picturization. After watching Hrithik do his number, it is a tough act for Abhishek to follow and he just seems a bit off. Bipasha does alright, but Uday’s presence was not needed in the song. My Name is Ali is just a song to further the Uday/Bipasha storyline. The picturization was nice only because of Bipasha’s presence. Dil Laga Na is a great climax song. It surely gets you ready for the big finish. The picturization of the entire cast in Rio was marvelous. Hrithik and Aishwarya are amazing once again. Uday and Bipasha hold their own, and Abhishek, all by his lonesome does solid as well. All in all, Pritam provides a cool soundtrack, even though it’s not his best work. But it surely is good music for the type of film this is. The best part of the music though had to be the background music. It meshed with the film beautifully and totally got you hyped for everything that was taking place. Dhoom is all about pumping people up and getting them excited. That is exactly what the music does.

Some (I) were apprehensive about bringing Hrithik into this franchise as the negative character. He has always been known for being the chocolate hero type and a film like this is definitely something we haven’t seen him in before. After actually watching the movie, I can’t think of anybody who would have been better than Hrithik in this role. Hrithik as Mr. A is brilliance personified. He gets the best scenes, the best stunts, and the leaves the biggest impact on the film. Not to mention, this is the best he has ever looked in any of his films. Also, Hrithik makes the villain look damn cool. There will be instances in which you can’t help but root for him. This is one of the finer performances in his career and he totally steals the show. Best villain will be a tight race this year and Hrithik has just become the front runner. It is tough to wonder what Dhoom 2 would have been without Hrithik’s presence. Hrithik is back on top of the mountain!

Abhishek is back with the same role as the original, so we knew what to expect from him. He does a fine job as always, but is completely overshadowed by Hrithik. Dhoom is a series where the villains are the most memorable characters and that is why Abhishek has to take the backseat, just like he did in the original. This does not mean he was barely there or anything. He still has a strong role and does the best he can with it. Watch out for him in the climax and his opening sequence when he gets some great stunts to do.

Aishwarya is in a role we have never seen her in before. We are so used to seeing her in roles where she is supposed to be an Indian girl wearing saris and looking beautiful, and that makes it even more amazing how different she is in this film. Ash has never looked this sexy or hot in her life. She will drive any man insane with her look and expect lots of dropped jaws and major droolage. Yes, she has major (Dh) oomph factor in this one. This is a complete departure from doing mujras in Umrao Jaan. Let me tell you, it is a welcome departure seeing her in such little clothing and such sexified dancing. As for performance, she lends adequate support to Hrithik. The scene between her and Hrithik pre-climax, as mentioned before, is extremely powerful. It was also great seeing her actually get down and dirty and do some action. With Dhoom 2, Aishwarya proves she can be both beautiful and sexy, as well as do drama and action. She is as versatile as they get.

Bipasha disappoints with her role. Her performance was not bad. It is just her role did not provide her much to do. The first half, she looks promising as the cop and you think you’re going to get some good things out of her, but she is completely ignored in the second half. But I’m willing to throw her performance out the window because she looked so damn hot. As if Aishwarya wasn’t enough to increase your heart rate, watch out for Bipasha in a bikini to also drive you mad. We just wish there was more of this sexy body in the second half.

Uday, just like Abhishek, reprises his role from the original so we knew what to expect from him as well. He is kind of annoying, but does provide some laughs, which just adds on to the entertainment. While everyone gives you action and looks, Uday is there for some comic relief. It does not really matter, as I’m sure most people won’t pay attention to him anyway.

Dhoom 2 supercedes the original in all departments: action, babes, bodies, stunts, gadgets, music, and performances. It is not a film to take seriously, so you will be gravely disappointed if you do that. The film is, without a doubt, the biggest and best entertainer of the year because it is an out and out masala film. It may as well be the hottest and sexiest film of all time. Popcorn films do not get any better than this. Come for the action, but stay for Hrithik and Aishwarya. The movie will become one of the biggest winners of the year, and anyone who liked the original shall love this one. So, enjoy the holiday season and buy yourself a ticket to Dhoom 2. You surely will not regret it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the roller coaster ride of your life. Until then, we shall wait to see if there will be a third one.

Our Rating

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