‘Dhoom 2’ nominated for foreign award

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Allan Amin, Action Director for Dhoom 2 nominated for award

Allan Amin, the man behind Hrithik Roshan’s mind-blowing stunts in Dhoom 2, has been nominated for a Taurus World Stunt Award. The nomination is for Best Action in a Foreign Film for Dhoom 2. “This is a very prestigious award. Films like Deja Vu and Casino Royale have been nominated and an Indian film being nominated is big news. I am ecstatic,” says Allan.

Allan, whose expertise has been seen in films such as Mission Kashmir, Road, Dil Se, Fida, Dhoom and Sarkar to name a few, also said that, “Action has changed a lot in Indian cinema, it is more stylized and fast. We can match up to foreign standards now.”

Because the actors are performing such dangerous stunts Amin says they are very careful and he does not take chances with their lives. The director updates the equipment he uses for his action sequences every three months and up to 2000 kg of equipment is carried to wherever the shoot is, whether in India or abroad.

Now that Aishwarya Rai has performed stunts in Dhoom 2 Amin thinks that more heroines will be taking an interest in doing action scenes. He revealed, “In my forthcoming films like Love Story 2050, Race and Kidnap, you will get to see some great stunts.”

The Taurus World Stunt Awards will take place May 20th at Paramount Studios in California.

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