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Dhoom Machale. Those two words rocked the nation in the year 2004. Prior to the release of Dhoom, when the first teaser was shown, nobody was quite interested in the movie. Then it all started with that one promo. The 30 second trailer of Dhoom Machale featuring Esha Deol become a phenomenal rage world-wide. The song brought more attention to the movie and B(DH)OOOM!! It happened…Dhoom’s hype started to build up and the movie went on to become the biggest blockbuster movie of 2004. It swiped all the music and action awards that year. Not to mention, it reincarnated the careers of Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham and Esha Deol. Dhoom was big. Very big.

Nearly two-years-later…are you ready to Dhoom Machale…Again?. They are back and this time with the addition of bollywood’s hottest stars. Abhishek and Uday are still in. However, it’s true that there is an absence of John Abraham and Esha Deol who really rocked it hard in the first Dhoom. But not to worry, Yash Chopra has something else for your eyes. Adding a whole new dimension to the cast is Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai and Bipasha Basu.

Yeah baby it’s Dhoom:2! And this time it’s with the two sexiet actresses of Bollywood with an extra dose of Hrithik. It’s official, you can’t get anything that is more drool-worthy than this.

To say the expectations are sky high is an understatement, especially when you are making a sequel to a blockbuster movie.

There are many tests for a movie to go through. When the first trailer of Dhoom:2 came out, it was a success. Hrithik’s slick and amazing action moves, Aishwarya’s sexy new look and Bipasha’s wonderful curves thrilled all. The trailer boosted the hype of the movie. But the main test for this Dhoom isn’t the action, it’s the music. Can D2 match up to D1? Can the bang of Dhoom Machale still hit it hard? You’re just about to find out.

Looking at the album, it expresses a lot of sensuality, mystery and has an international look to it. The front cover of the cd shows all four superstars and Uday Chopra, and I must add you’re definitely going to be looking at the inlays and cover more than once.

The music of D2 is unleashed and the first track to open the album is “Crazy Kiya Re”. The music starts and it sounds like a fusion of western and eastern music. Sunidhi Chauhan steps in and moves the song to the next level. Sunidhi excells immensely in this track, the energy in her voice and the strike of the beat work well together and make this a damn good song. Especially after the inductory lyrics, the sensuality in her voice cannot be met by any other singer in the country. The song itself self sounds so good it’s rather implied that the picturization will become a whole new rage on its own. At last, Aishwarya Rai FINALYY gets the opportunity to get a hot item number from Sunidhi and we are hell-bent sure she will set every soul on fire. It must be noted that the lyrics do sound kind of awkward at first but it takes a while and you get used to it. That can be said about the whole album.

Up next is “Touch Me”. The Brazilian beats of the song are beautifully exotic. KK once again proves himself as a good singer; the soul and power of his voice is definitely worth mentioning. On the other hand we have Alisha Chinoy who also gives her seductive voice and adds to the bang of the song. The song has wonderful lyrics, except for the part “Touch Me, Don’t Touch Me”. Lets hope the male part saying “Don’t touch me” is situational or Uday’s line. Nevertheless, the song definatly builds up the hype of Dhoom altogether. Touch Me can easily be one of the best songs of the year.

The next track is possibly the most horrific song of the album, “My Name Is Ali”. One always wonders why there needs to be unnecessary attention put on annoying supporting characters. The song breaks the hype that the first two songs had put up. Adding to that, Sonu Nigam’s talent is wasted and its just an eye-rolling song. This song can be labelled in two words; not needed. Or maybe Yash Raj and Co. wanted us to have a break from the hotness of Rai and Roshan. Oh well, this will be one of my exits to get popcorn and coke then.

Coming out of the tragic and life-scaring third track, we move on to the next song, titled “Dil Laga Na”. This song is quite remarkable. The song has punjabi, classical, modern, brazilain music, a bit of reggae and some pop all into one track; all are alluring attributes. Sukhbir comes back with a bang after a long break. It’s refreshing to hear his voice. This song definitely makes us forget the horrible experience we had from “My Name Is Ali”. A nice part to the song is when the oringinal Dhoom tune plays in the middle of the song. It bring backs the same excitement that we felt two years ago. Mahalaxmi Iyer adds the Indian touch while Suzaane sizzles with her part.

And the final track is “Dhoom Again”. The song is the reconstructed and repackaged verision of the original Dhoom Machale song. How you ask? The beats are slicker (with a touch of Brazil), the song is sharper and the voice has also changed. Vishal Dadlani is the new Dhoom boy replacing the voice of Sunidhi. Vishal does an impeccible job. His English is flawless (Ricky Martin anyone?) and his rendition of the song is on par of that. Dominique Cerejo adds the female elements to the song with her hot and sizzling voice. The song is very international and very “now”. We can definitely see this song pushing every song out of the top ten. Music charts better brace yourself, because this song is gonna clean out your charts.

Overall, Dhoom impresses. You shouldn’t compare the soundtrack to the original; treat it as an original and new soundtrack. That is the problem with sequels, we always reference back. Although the English lyrics in this album are a bit of a turn off, you get used to them.

A couple of months back Pritam stated in his interview that in the beginning no one will like the album but later on it will get up there. It seems he may be right. It may seem very weird in the beginning, but you will definitely catch on.

Dhoom is releasing on the 24th of November. Get ready to see the firey chemistry of the Double R’s, the amazing stunts, breathtaking locales, and the hip thrusting dancing. This is one movie you cannot afford to miss.

Consider this a warning. The contents of the movie may be very electrifying.

Our Rating

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