Dhoondte Reh Jaoge

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A tribute to cinema. What a thought! It took Indian cinema a while to realise that their very own lives are perhaps the most entertaining and versatile subject matter of them all! In recent times we’ve seen two films that have perfectly grasped the potential of this subject. First, there was Farah Khan’s tribute to Indian cinema in the form of Om Shanti Om. Then there was Zoya Akhtar’s analytical take on life as a struggling actor in cinema in the form of Luck By Chance. Just by looking at these two films one can realise the subject of cinema is so versatile and cannot only accompany a drama genre but also is one that has a potential strong comic side. Dhoondte Reh Jaoge is another one of those tales that is yet again a different take on cinema, a different genre and most importantly a brand new storyline.

Mindless comedies are something that seems to be an absolute hit in Indian cinema at all times! Akshay Kumar, Priyadarshan and Paresh Rawal combinations have proved over and over again that in time of global warming, recession and many more unavoidable disaster, films that let us escape in a world of no trouble and only laughter are the best option. After all, laughter is the only medicine.

Dhoondte Reh Jaoge takes this theme on board very seriously and delivers you with three hours of non-stop dhamaka! There is not a single dull moment in this hilarious comedy flick about two producers who are toiling hard to make the biggest flop of the century! Yes you read right, the biggest flop is what they’re after to successfully gain almost 100 crores from their quick money making scheme. Now what lengths they go to in order to ensure a sure flop is something you’ll have to see for yourself because its definitely not worth missing!

One can successfully say that making a mindless comedy with no practicality and endless avenues to keep the audiences in fits of giggles is a hard job. Without a doubt, debutant director and writer Umesh Shukla has put in a lot of mind and energy in tailoring this comic venture. Incorporating various spoofs, hilarious moments and not differing from the underlying storyline is a task which is rarely well done in comedy flicks. We often see storylines that become a transparent shade in the film that we can barely see or more commonly we see the storyline completely forgotten. To Mr Shukla’s delight, we can assure him that his film is not one those. The storyline stays intact throughout and audiences do not loose for a moment the vision of their characters which was made very clear at the introduction. Umesh Shukla’s screenplay remains as effective with very rare instances of any dull moments. In addition, what would a comedy film be without perfect dialogues to accompany the mood which in this case are simply flawless.

Song and dance aren’t the biggest highlight of the film because the story is so engaging, but they are slotted in whenever necessary which indeed makes this a film about Indian cinema. Special mention must be made to the choreography and performance of ‘Pal Yeh Aane Wala’. It’s the ideal engaging intro track that has the audiences’ eyes glued to the screen at all times. In addition, the composition of the track perhaps is the best of the album.

Now to the performances. It’s essential in a comedy film of such a theme that all performers are as effective and equal in talent quotient. Dhoodte Reh Jaoge achieves just this! Kunal Khemu, Sonu Sood and Soha Ali Khan take the lead in the film and all three are an absolute delight! To accompany them are comic maestros and scene stealers Paresh Rawal and Johnny Lever who are as good as ever!

To sum up the experience of Dhoodte Reh Jaoge, it’s quite correct to assume that it’s the ideal film to unwind with after a hectic week at the office. Sure enough this statement is not for those who cannot leave their brains behind. Regardless of that, it’s a film that can be enjoyed by the whole family and despite it not being a masterpiece, it’s without a doubt a complete paisa vasool!

Our Rating

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