More Pictures of Dia and Sahil’s Gorgeous Dream Wedding

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We shared a few pictures with you of the happy couple Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha on the days leading up to their wedding and then a gorgeous wedding picture. The marriage took place on October 18th with a grand reception held on October 19th.

Dia thanked everyone with this post on Twitter:

Now we have even more pictures of the beautiful dream wedding!
14oct_DiaMirzaWeddingCeremonies01 14oct_DiaMirzaWeddingCeremonies02 14oct_DiaMirzaWeddingCeremonies03 14oct_DiaMirzaWeddingCeremonies04 14oct_DiaMirzaWeddingCeremonies05 14oct_DiaMirzaWeddingCeremonies06 14oct_DiaMirzaWeddingCeremonies07 14oct_DiaMirzaWeddingCeremonies08 14oct_DiaMirzaWeddingCeremonies09 14oct_DiaMirzaWeddingCeremonies10 14oct_DiaMirzaWeddingCeremonies11 14oct_DiaMirzaWeddingCeremonies12 14oct_DiaMirzaWeddingCeremonies13

Photo Credits: Adil Hasan

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