Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge Still Playing!

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One of Bollywood’s most loved films, Aditya Chopra’s Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge has been playing in the theaters since its debut in 1995, amazingly it is now entering a record-breaking 650th week! The Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol starrer has been running continuously at the Maratha Mandir in Mumbai and is still shown at a matinee show. Needless to say the film is a super duper hit and from Mumbai alone it has made over 11.80 crores.

Pravin Rane, manager of Maratha Mandir said, “The crowds just don’t stop coming in. We do have a lull during exams and cricket matches which happens with all movies. But this film never seems to run out of steam.”

At a recent showing the crowd whistled and cheered like it was a new release, not one many of them have seen over and over, in fact for one audience member it was his 40th time seeing the film! For another it was his first time and he loved it saying, “But when I saw this film, I was blown away. The film is definitely SRK’s best.”

Of course producer Yash Chopra is ecstatic and said, “It is a great honour that DDLJ is creating new records every passing week. I feel elated that Adi’s first film is still creating waves, 13 years after its release.”

Since he works at the theater, Krishna Solanki has probably seen the film more than anyone, and says that he never tires of DDLJ, “So many films have come and gone, but the magic of DDLJ is something else. Who can tire of such a beautiful love story? It gladdens the heart every time you see it.”

We absolutely agree and now must get out our DVD to yet again relive the love of DDLJ for ourselves.

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