Dino and Kangna Get Cosy

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Dino Morea is one of the most well-known Casanovas in Bollywood and that isn’t a hidden fact. In the past the actor has been linked with Bipasha Basu, Lara Dutta and Nandini Mahtani. After breaking up with his former girlfriends, Dino, it seems has found himself getting comfortable in the arms of Kangna Ranaut. The duo were spotted displaying much affection towards one another at Sanjay and Manyata Dutt’s second marriage anniversary. At the bash, many witnessed the two indulging in some public display of affection towards one another which involved some lip and tongue action too.

A guest at the party went on to confirm, “Dino, who made an appearance sans his steadiest girlfriend Nandita Mahtani, had lots to talk about with Kangna Ranaut. Before long, they were chatting away so intimately that it was difficult to believe that this was their first proper meeting at a private party.” He continued with more intricate details, “During the course of the evening, Kangna was seen mostly around Dino and they were overheard discussing movies, especially their common interest in Hollywood films. Dino flattered her with many compliments about her best roles. Interestingly, when they both decided to leave at the same time, they hugged each other rather warmly and the peck on the cheek was as hot as it gets. In the lobby, as they waited for their cars, a happy Dino couldn’t resist hopping on a kiddie car lying there, which made Kangna burst into delighted laughter.”

Needless to say, the avid tweeter, went on to tweet and clarify the situation by saying, “am in the news again for reasons am not too happy abt.. for all tweeps who asked abt k and i, far from the truth.”

Is there a new couple on the brink of arrival in B-Town? From the looks of it, we may hear more about a Kangna-Dino alliance in the near future.

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